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Anything that makes you get up and strut your stuff on a rug !
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Rommel?Gunner Who? A Confrontation in the Desert... Brethren

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   Hmm...I wonder if this was the method the Creative Assembly used to get the French actor who did the narrative for Napoleon into character while the game was in production. 
  If only the development team at CA had put more time and thought into this game, it feels in parts diluted, rushed even sabotaged.It's as if it was developed by rookies.
Like an oil painting on canvas it had the potential to be a masterpiece, for a more epic feel without going into to much detail, I would have included an additional 40 regiments under AI control "that's smart" in all the historical scenarios with the player able to take control as required.
Squadrons of cavalry which were not in the initial deployment entering the battle space from different locations of the map to create the surprise attack element.

Battle of the Pyramids

Greatest Military Leaders

George Patton

George Smith Patton, Jr.
(also George Smith Patton III) (November 11, 1885 – December 21, 1945) was a United States Army officer most famous for his leadership commanding corps and armies as a general in World War II. He was also widely known for his controversial outspokenness and strong opinions.

Erwin Rommel  

Rommel is regarded as a chivalrous and humane officer because his Afrikakorps was never accused of any war crimes. Soldiers captured during his Africa campaign were reported to have been treated humanely; furthermore, he ignored orders to kill captured commandos, Jewish soldiers and civilians in all theaters of his command.

Late in the war, Rommel was convicted of joining the conspiracy against Adolf Hitler, but he opposed the failed 20 July Plot of 1944 to kill the dictator. Because of his great prestige, Hitler allowed him to commit suicide rather than be tried and executed. He was buried with full military honors; the reason for Rommel's death only emerged at the Nuremberg Trials.

Genghis Khan

He came to power by uniting many of the nomadic tribes of northeast Asia. After founding the Mongol Empire and being proclaimed "Genghis Khan", he started the Mongol invasions and raids of the Kara-Khitan Khanate, Caucasus, Khwarezmid Empire, Western Xia and Jin dynasties. By the end of his life, the Mongol Empire occupied a substantial portion of Central Asia and China.

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